A new venture in Europe!

Over the last couple of months we have worked hard to streamline our apparel business and phased out the DBA names backtomyschool.us and backtomycharity.com. The company behind, Wieder, Inc. is still the same, and our apparel for the US market is on display at WiederApparel.com. We don’t show prices since all orders are quoted, based on the best price we get from our suppliers. That way you are always guaranteed the best price for your order.

Since last, we have been super busy setting up an apparel manufacturing and wholesale company in Europe (WGApparel.com). One customer we are supplying with apparel, is a fast growing juicebar retail chain with 186 locations around the world and plans to open 300 juicebars in US alone over the next few years. For them we are manufacturing custom branded apparel. Another venture we have started is a new concept of branded apparel for highschool graduates of 2017 in Scandinavia (StudenterShoppen.com), we will let you know how that goes.

PS: if you can recommend us to anyone in your network, we truly appreciate it and will return the favor.

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