External Marketing Managerthe smart choise

We are your External Marketing Manager and Full-Service Online Marketing Agency. We have many years of experience and take time to learn and understand your business. We manage all tasks related to websites / shops, platforms development, branding, social media campaigns, content development, email marketing, SEO, optimization, film / video production, Analytics, Adwords, strategy, sales optimization and business development. We connect technology, marketing and business development, as well as delivering results and speaking a language everyone understands. Together we develop a plan to reach your goals and we measure ROI and set up KPIs for the cooperation.

WebsitesWe design and develop responsive websites and shops

We optimize and maintain websites and shops. We develop “call to action” features to achieve higher conversion and more traffic to the website or shop. We design and develop new websites and shops in responsive design optimized to work on smart phones, ipads and tablets and all types of internet browsers. We are experts in responsive design and open source software applications such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, Prestashop and many more.

PlatformsWe design and develop responsive platforms

We develop open source platforms. Open Source applications provide good business sense due to stability, adaptability, robustness, low cost and compatibility. Businesses need to develop systems that also take into account future needs beyond current. Wieder assists in developing cost-effective systems that are web-based using Open Source technology. All projects are 100% customized.


We are social media experts and we create relevant content for your business and post it regularly. We will develop a social media marketing plan and content plan and take responsibility for all of the company’s social media accounts.

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content creation
  • AI Chatbot

AnalyticsWith analytics we optimize the website, content, Adwords campaigns, social media campaigns, email campaigns .....

Google Analytics is the key to success and allows us to monitor and track the results of all the marketing activities we perform. Google analytics analyzes the visitor’s activity and a lot of other data and allows us to optimize the website and user experience as well as marketing efforts so that people who come to the website perform the desired action. Whether it is to make a purchase, be informed about a product or service or become a lead to a salemanager. In short – we look into the crystal ball, develop a plan and tell you what’s needed to achieve your goals.

Email marketingGet new customers with intelligent email marketing

Email marketing has recently experienced a renaissance and with a well-targeted email campaign, we can make sure you land in the clients inbox and that you get a high conversion rate. We are experts in organizing, setting up and sending email campaigns, setting up autoresponders, API integration, and managing your email lists.

  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Setting up campaigns, design, content, call to action
  • Analysis of results and optimization

AdwordsGet found when customers are looking for you

We manage and optimize your company’s Google Adwords account and search marketing campaigns. We develop new campaigns with “call to action” features with high conversion and new customers.

  • Google Adwords optimization
  • Display Marketing
  • Setting up campaigns, design, content, call to action

SEOHarvest the low-hanging fruits with an SEO-optimized website

With different tools, we analyze the website and make recommendations for where to optimize. We are looking at server loading time, website construction, content, headlines, encoding, images, design – all that can make a user experience better – and convert into a desired action.

Video production, images, graphic designMake the customer experience bigger

We collaborate with production companies, photographers and graphic designers when we produce video, film, images and graphic design. Wieder Inc is the project manager that ensures that everything goes as agreed and that the graphic design holds the red thread.

  • Video / film production
  • Images
  • Graphic Design

Business developmentGrow the business

We have a unique knowledge and knowhow built up over many years through the many customers we have worked with. We connect technology, marketing and business development, and we deliver results and speaking a language everyone understands. Together we develop a plan to reach the goals and we measure ROI and set up KPIs for the cooperation.

  • Business development
  • Sales optimization

WorkshopsYou ask questions - we give the answers

Get inspiration for how your marketing can be optimized. We review the website and call-two -action features, social media, adwords, email campaigns, lead collection, SEO, blogs, influencers and other channels that are relevant to you.

  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Education

EuropeBuild business relationships between US and Europe

Build business relationships between US and Europe. Learn what is takes to setup shop in Europe.

  • Start a business in Europe
  • Culture and differences
  • Networking and sales