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Every Saturday at the Majestic Crest Theatre in Westwood we meet, network and enrich ourself and the people around us. This Saturday Dr. Mark Goulston a Metal member will hack Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs

What if there was an unconscious formula that Jobs followed that even he didn’t know that went along with every breakthrough product he envisioned and every paradigm he shifted? And what if you could follow that same formula to achieve the same? What would happen to your success if you learned how to create the “gotta have it” response to your products and services that raving Apple customers have as they line up around the block of an Apple Store when the a new product becomes available? And what if your employees talked about your companies the way Apple (and Google) employees do that causes a “gotta work there!” response in their friends at other companies who you’d like to poach?

Dr. Mark Goulston, hacked into the genius of Steve Jobs (he left the horrendous parts of his personality alone) and came up with a four step formula that he will share with you and have you interactively apply it to your company during his presentation. After that happens, all of you will know the secret of looking into your futures through the eyes of Jobs and then through your own. All of you will leave knowing the secret to creating a “gotta have it!” response from your customers to your products and services and a “gotta work there!” response from talent you’d like to attract.

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Jesper Wieder