We are fish supplier to customers who expect quality fish, reliable delivery and service, fair prices and ease when they order fish from us.

The fresh fish is bought daily at the auction in Hanstholm. After purchase, the fish is prepared by probably Denmark’s most skilled hand carvers, before it is packed on ice in boxes and driven for distribution to our many customers. Special products are bought from selected partners who are experts in their niche product groups, so we always ensure that our customers get the best possible quality and freshness of the products ordered.

How to shop with us:

Create an account at and gain access to the trading platform, where you can easily and quickly order fresh fish, shellfish and frozen fish and shellfish.

Orders for fresh fish is received no later than 15:00 p.m, as we buy into the auction from 6:00 a.m. the next morning.

Fish are delivered in 5, 10, 20 kg boxes.

We love fresh ingredients and sustainable solutions and we want to challenge and break the boundaries of what is considered normal within our industry. Our mission is to improve and secure current conditions for fishing by constantly considering how we contribute to sustainable behavior in our daily purchases and distribution of fish, with consideration for the environment.

If you need help, call +45 70605701 or write to