Ecommerce for large scale seasonal sales

Having worked with many seasonal online sales for different companies in multiple industries, the achilles is always – “can our shop handle the large load of customers and data and the same time or will it break down?”.

The market today, already offers many solutions at different costs. Most of the platforms will give you most of the functionalities you need, but usually not all, leaving you with a big development project to customise the shop to your needs.

We have changed that and developed a customizable shop in Laravel that can be suited 100% to you needs. The shop is developed to handle large amounts of customers and data on the same time, making it perfect for seasonal sales for companys in many industries.

What you get:

    • Website logo
    • Website settings
    • For different Occasion
    • Theme
    • Categories
    • Catalog mode (without checkout)
    • Products
    • Shipping
    • Labels
    • Pickup location
    • Pickup slots
    • Change pickup slots
    • Emails settings
    • Currency
    • Language
    • Product attributes
    • Shippment Tracking
    • Tax
    • Mail-Chimp
    • Multiple payment gateway
    • And more if you need it.

Let’s connect and talk about your challenges and we will give you an offer on how they can be solved.