Wieder Inc is a full-service online marketing agency with roots in Venice, California and Copenhagen, Denmark. We help our clients connect with consumers and businesses through intelligent online solutions. We are experts in online marketing, business development and website development.


We deliver results and speak a simple language. We are expects in online marketing, business development, website and ecommerce design and development, landing pages, social media accounts and content creation, daily posting, Adwords, Analytics, SEO, optimization, email marketing and platform development. We specialize in technology and advanced application development. We provide informed opinions and deliver solutions that turn challenges into success stories. We know how to help clients achieve growth and profitability through online marketing and enabling technologies. We understand Big Data and the analytics behind and we are experts in providing low cost business ready solutions on services and subscription models using open source technologies.

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We are your online marketing, business development and website development partner of choice. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help your business grow.